Friday 7.2.2014 – Fab Lab⎪Saturday 8.2.2014 – Künstlerhaus im KunstKulturQuartier
  • Recycled Videomapping Workshop.

  • VJ Lab – Workshops for free! Begin 14:00 – @FabLab, Muggenhofer Str. 141, Nbg


    Festival Party: BEAT THANG feat. STWO

VJ Showcases

We are thrilled to present some highly talented visual artists performing at BEAT THANG, the official festival party of the VJ festival 2014 in the Zentralcafé in the Künstlerhaus, Nürnberg.


There are no limits on what can be created using VJ techniques. The exhibition will present objects, which will be created by the festival participants on site, as well as selected works of international artists.

AV Performances

Concert, theater, live cinema: there are many fields where visual and new media elements are used to enrich the experience of the audience. The audiovisual performances will represent some approaches in this field.

VJ Lab

Talk, connect, learn, listen, laugh: the VJ Lab is a place for artists to connect and talk about their work and projects. Workshops and lectures will provide an insight into different methods and approaches in the field of media art.

Recent News

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Hey. We are preparing the program of VJ Festival 2014. We have already selected VJ…