Kadâmbini – Iduun (Paris)

A club placed there, in the middle of nowhere. Kadâmbini, handlebar mustache and aviator glasses screwed on his head, is ready for the journey the most unlikely of his life : a journey filled with nonsense, absurdity and manipulation, built of loops, lights and reversed situations.

Kadâmbini is an audio-video show for 8 hands and a pair of aviator glasses, a fine extract of cinema, theater and sound effects, a performance that exceeds the limits of the screen to transport the audience into a world of unusual and sensory.

Kadambini takes root in Lewis Carroll, Homer, St. Exupery and Terry Gilliam for a dreamlike journey pursuing its own logic.

Kadâmbini is mixing videos and animations created upstream, edited and mixed live, improved by a set of scene (manipulations of pictures, objects and sounds, special effects) in interaction with the film so that one can not exist without the other. The machine knows how to disappear and the actor is back in front, on screen or on stage.

Kadâmbini is the result of four different mindsets that compose the collective iduun : Philip, HMI engineer and video director, Bart, video director and producer, Alexandra, illustrator, and Charles, sound engineer.

Kadâmbini, an iduun creation
Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff, Philippe Chaurand, Charles Dubois, Alexandra Petracchi

With Augustin Jacob and Alexandra Petracchi
Cinematography by Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff
Character design, layout and animation by Philippe Chaurand and Alexandra Petracchi
Sound design by Charles Dubois
Costume design by Eve de Villers assisted by Adeline Vengud
Interaction design by Philippe Chaurand
Lights and stage decor by iduun