Instructions (SWE, UK)

The group Instructions was formed in 2003 by Anders Carleö, Micke Wehner and Ben Cook and first went by the name “Induction”. In the spring of 2007 they merged with the DJ duo Konstruction and changed the name to “Instructions”. Later in 2007 Torb Life joined the group. Ben has been living in London the whole time but joins in on larger events and festivals or contributes by sending material. Instructions prefer high energy music like techno, house and electro and all combinations of these. We like working tightly together with DJs and musicians to create an extra ordinary audio-visual connection. The graphic style of Instructions is a lovely colorful jambalaya of the group member’s own eccentric fascinations and hangups, often under a common theme.

Instructions/Induction has performed at Popcorn film festival, Pixelache (Helsinki), Pixelvärk, Festival of Visual Sound (Tallinn), Fringe, Elle-galan, Go08, Volt, events for Carlsberg, LG, Prada and Absolut as well as other events and most clubs in Stockholm that features visuals. We have also made tour visuals for Dada Life, a music video for Emmon, visuals for Chambertronica and co-operated with Physical Interaction Lab and the Interactive Institute.